Combined oral contraceptives (COCs)

“..Fat, and also a mustache and as a gift” – someone on the subway loudly and emotionally complains about hormonal contraceptives 😜 Indeed, the first contraceptive pills contained high doses of hormones, for which side effects had to pay. Excess weight is just flowers, it is customary to tell about other fears only to the doctor. But that was 60 years ago! Nowadays, women are very lucky (yes, yes). The drugs have been improved, the doses of hormones have changed, and the safety standards have changed. Today you don’t have to dream of a mustache ⠀

The topic of contraception is huge. One day, I will definitely compile a guide to contraception, but for now let’s get acquainted with COCs, around which there are MOST myths3

COCs (combined oral contraceptives) are small pills that need to be taken once a day at the same time. Combined – because they contain an estrogenic component and a progestin. The rest of the words shouldn’t confuse even an untrained reader, right? 😉 ⠀

How it works❓ ⠀
The main mechanism is the suppression of ovulation. It is simply impossible to get pregnant without ovulation and Neither physically nor magically 🤷🏼⠀

When it is reasonable to give preference to KOK❓ ⠀
🔹 Pregnancy is completely out of your plans and you need a reliable method of contraception ⠀
🔹You are disciplined (you need to drink pills every day) ⠀aa8f6c637eb700d49ee024b1546e-large
🔹You have a regular partner (the risk of sexually transmitted infections is minimal) ⠀

Did you recognize yourself? Then feel free to tell your doctor that you would like to protect yourself with pills 💊⠀

Important❗ Only a doctor should prescribe and select COCs. Like any drugs, they have contraindications and side effects ⠀

What examination is necessary before prescribing a COC❓ ⠀
The most important thing that a doctor should do is measure blood pressure, examine and question you in detail. I use questionnaires a lot. It is convenient and time-saving. A competent doctor will not tell you to take a coagulogram, because it will not be able to reveal a predisposition to thrombosis. Blood for hormones is also useless here 👎🏻⠀

Another myth is that drinking COCs for a long time is harmful, you need to take breaks.